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29 April 2015

Young again. #atozchallenge Care for the carers.

Two days after her 73rd birthday my Mum took her final breath. She had Alzheimers and Motor neurone disease. For her final 3 months I was her main carer. A privilege I am grateful for and will cherish forever. This years #atozchallenge theme will focus on being a carer / care-giver.

Remember to care for the carers.  

Young again.

Her flawless skin, laugh and smile made a lot of people think she was younger than years.  

Her attention to detail, strength and loyalty made her seem older.

That's her sitting in the middle. 18 years old showing off the green dress she sewed for herself, in preparation for her migration to Australia.

Even after the Doctors, therapists and everyone else told her to stop wearing them - she wore shoes with high heels.  

I lent her my boots when we visited a farm once. She said she felt like me. Then she hopped and jumped like she was young again.


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  1. Hi human, Ida,

    The innocence and enthusiasm of youth, always beat in her heart. You speak lovingly of your beloved mother, of a youthful yet mature balance.

    Pawsitive wishes,


    1. Thanks Penny and Gary - hope your both happy and well. You are right particularly in the end people often remarked that she was like a little girl.

  2. I somehow missed this post Ida. Great memory.

  3. Hi Ida - a lovely reminiscence of your dearly beloved mother ... what a wonderful memory of her jumping up and down as a youthful mother in your boots at the farm ... lovely - cheers Hilary

  4. I am so glad she could enjoy wearing her high heeled shoes! Caring for carers is almost forgotten during any sickness in a household. They suffer just as much as the patient (albeit differently) and need some 'care' too. You have been very brave and an excellent daughter!