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5 April 2014

26 Loves of my life. Let's call him... Erik. #atozchallenge

Erik loved all the girls and all the girls loved Erik, as long as I was chosen as his number one,  I was a happy little vegemite.

Truth be known, Erik is a combination of 3 primary school boys that spurred stiff competition amongst the girls.  The first Erik fell in love with Jemima, and we all thought he could have done better if he had chosen someone else, one of us, me.

The second Erik remained elusive, he didn't want to hurt anyones feelings and flirted with all the girls.

The third Erik had his own harem. Every playtime, 6 or 7 of girls would compete for his attention.  At the end of every lunchtime, he would arrange his harem in order of most loved to least loved. The last few girls had buckley's chance of ever being picked first. The middle few changed rank on a weekly basis, second and third changed daily.

I was his number One. I got a say in where the other girls were ranked. I also got to walk back to class with him. I was chosen first in every game and never doubted my position.  Until the end of year approached I began to worry about how him changing schools would change everything.

He was the recipient of my first love letter and my first break up letter.

Dear To Erik,

If I had a choice I would still be your girlfriend.
Next year you start high school, I wish we could see each other still but I don't think we can because we won't be at the same school. Don't worry there will be lots of girls at your new school.

love from Ida

26 Greatest Loves of my Life #atozchallenge
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He said he wasn't worried. The two girls I remember most were his second and third picks.  Do you know an Erik, was he worth fighting for?


I am away for the weekend and look forward to catching up with comments and posts next week. 


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