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15 April 2013

M is for Magic. Healing with words. Day 13 #atozchallenge

magic |╦łmajik|
the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces
• mysterious tricks, such as making things disappear and appear again, performed as entertainment.
 a quality that makes something seem removed from everyday life, esp. in a way that gives delight
• used in magic or working by magic; having or apparently having supernatural powers 

Dear God, Gods, Goddesses, Mother Earth, Deities, Icons, Saviours and Scientific Equation,  

Despite your troubles, I trust you are all happy and well. I have a pertinent question. Why do I have to write about Magic?  Does the Universe demand it or is it perhaps Angels whispering to my Intuition

I was doing so well in this #atozchallenge (I'm even learning about hash tags and how to make links), but then I hit 'M' and my Spirit lost interest. Now I feel compelled by some Super Natural Power to change the Course of the letter 'M's' Destiny and choose a word I was happy to avoid. Must you always persist with what I fight to resist?

Is the Great Void sending Divine Intervention? I still Believe Movement would be a much better M word, it's there in my deck, it has so many Meanings and thousands of Teachings.  I can be Light hearted, funny and write about the importance of healthy bowel movements. I'm quite the expert in defecation and there's no better feeling than a good release of your toxins. Isn't posting that Magic happens, just Pontification? 

Must I be the Messenger of  Foils and Fables the Fairy Tales of Wizards and Witches, or just Stories of Fathers Father being a Magician, entertaining the family with his card games and Tricks? Is it the Magic of Dream time, or Great First Nation Spirits, sharing their Wisdom, Healing and Animal Medicine, or Pagans with potions and Spells for a Trip? There's the Magic of Alchemy and what's that in the air, that surrounds a couples first kiss? Perhaps it's just Energy, both Good and Evil, is it just Morals, a Creation or a huge fascinating Mystery. 

Dear God et al, if I don't hear from any of you, before I post this for 'M' day on the 15th of April, I will patiently wait for your response or suggestions in the comments, and in the meantime I will just spread the Message that the Miracle of Magic is children always love to Imagine it's the Truth.

May the Force, to spread a little Magic, Be with You. 




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