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Amongst other things, this is a love story.... the theme changes occasionally... this year it is fitness and learning to love yourself.

30 March 2013

Two days to go. Copenhagen, theatre and drama.

Two days to go till the A-Z blogging Challenge  begins.  Check out my A-Z challenge - words of change - list here.  I've managed to write and schedule my first four posts - what a relief.  I will be going to Copenhagen for a few days in April, to see this years, Wallmans Show in the Circus building, it's a yearly tradition we have with the Captains parents,  it includes lots of 'festivities', and it's hard to keep up with Danes when they are being festive.  It's nice to know I'm a little ahead of schedule.

Hopefully I will get a couple more posts done over the weekend.  My only problem is that having my words sitting there waiting to be published, makes me want to edit and delete a lot.  I am really trying to keep every post at around 400 words.  If I can drop that down to 200 even better, but it's not easy.  When those memories start flowing, the stories start growing.  The point of this exercise, for me, is to find a style and voice I am comfortable with, I also want to have some fun in Blog land and connect with other people.

When the whole Internet and chat room phenomena first started I always said I would never make friends with people online because I had enough drama in my real world. I'm amazed at how opposed I can be to the very things I desire most.  It also took me 11 years to realise that the Captain was the perfect man for me.  I am so glad the only theatrics in my life now are in historic buildings with great performers, in places like Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen.  No more drama's only seasons.

A totally unrelated question but one that keeps popping up for me.  Do you like Captains name?  What do you call your partner?