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11 April 2013

J is Joy - A=Z challenge - Words of change. Day 10

joy |joi|
a feeling of great pleasure and happiness

Joy and Gay had a chat the other day. Gay's been a little down, even the dictionary says he's changed a lot in the last 100 years. He feels obsolete replaced by another meaning.  He’s still a verb but everybody knows that Gay has become a noun, and really can't be used without sounding a bit old fashioned or arousing a double entendre. 

Gay's only concern, is what will become of his original description? For such a small word, he needs some big ones to describe him, gleeful, showy, carefree, brilliant and cheerful. Joy and Gay concluded, if Gay can become a noun, his ancient verb status declining, Joy could take action and adopt a new meaning.

What a joy child, sounds light hearted and playful, and every gay day is now just a Joyday. We'll still keep things simple. There's no mistaking the feeling.


Take some time out and have a little fun, even especially if it's silly. Play games and dance with children and friends (make friends with a DJ). Colour in, tell jokes, celebrate. Rejoice, be jovial, enjoy jubilation joy-fully.

Lots of Joy

Find out how I chose my theme by reading A-Z challenge list. Words of change.  You are welcome to add words to the list in the comments - which I'll link back to you - the more the better.