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16 April 2013

N is for Nothing. Healing with Words. Day 14. #atozchallenge

nothing |ˈnəθi ng |
pronounnot anything; no single thingsomething of no importance or concern
no amount; zero.

My little deck of cards has no N word, I thought about doing Now but Eckhart Tolle has the 'Power of Now' nicely covered, he uses a cat and mouse analogy to capture thoughts when you're trying to think nothing that I use often. I thought about nurture but nothing new was coming my way. 

I asked for suggestions on facebook and within seconds my sister answered Nothing. She's such a comedian, and it was perfect, what could be better than nothing to represent nothing. 

Of course, by chance, as luck would have it, I just happened to have a poem called Think Nothing. So here it is, an edited version of a poem that a my dear friend Jo-la and I once wrote together, just passing time.  

Think nothing 
108 eyes #mandala thanks open clipart

by JM and IC

We lock ourselves out
and we try to keep warm.
We argue and possess
and we continue to fall.

My heart needs to breathe
my mind get set free.
So I gather my questions
to seek an old talking tree.

I sit and think... nothing.
Then breathe a sigh of relief,
I get all of my answers 
just from one leaf.

I hug and I kiss
and give thanks to the tree,
Then he whispers the answers
Are all inside me.

Jo-la is also an artist by nature and introduced me to mandala's, hers are great. I just looked at some of mine and they are better than I remembered, but still nothing compared to hers and the other's I've seen. Do you feel like passing time in a colourful way? Here's a link for some mandala outlines, just print and start colouring, or draw your own. Kids love them, which is one of the reasons they are good for you, too. Have you ever written a poem with a friend? It might not be a masterpiece but it's something from nothing and 'nothing is endless' you know.


Find out how I chose this theme by reading my intro. blog A-Z challenge list. Words of change.  Use the comments to add words to the list - and I'll link your suggestions back to your blog.