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Amongst other things, this is a love story.... the theme changes occasionally... this year it is fitness and learning to love yourself.

17 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life. Let's call him....Peridot. #atozchallenge

It started in the Spring of '89.  Peri was 18, well travelled, tall and handsome. He had no concept of jealousy.  He was chivalrous, spontaneous and a bird lover.

He took me places I'd never been. The ballet, faraway mountains and the depths of my imagination. When we ate breakfast at Melbourne's fanciest venue, the Hyatt on Collins, his eyes sparkled while Edith Piafs Non, ne je regrette rien crackled over the speakers. He wanted to impress me. I remember thinking it was weird he liked opera! We were an unlikely pair.

In a time when a landline was the only form of communication, I planned chance meetings. I waited for the phone to ring. Checked the dial tone when it didn't, and tried to think of good reasons to call him. I practiced sounding genuine.

Fate bought us together - over and over again.  Destiny, and his lust for walkabouts, kept tearing us apart. He came in and out of my life like a proverbial yo-yo, oddly that's what he used to call me. Our relationship status was 'if you love someone let them free,' when they come back they're yours, but only for short bursts of intense drama"

It was a long-distance, drawn out relationship. For years I dreamt him beside me and woke with empty arms. It became an obsession that manifested into an A-grade addiction. It spawned journals, poetry and lyrics to unfinished rock ballads.

It was all 9 planets aligned, love at first sight, don't tell me it's not true love, I'll always love you, no-one understands our love, I want you to be a mountain, you'd rather be a river, cliche after cliche, unrequited love.  Neither of us found what we were looking for.

Letting go was the lesson. Cry me a waterfall, but the year finally came when I couldn't cry anymore. I let go of the fantasy.

Peri taught me that my words affected other people, in ways I couldn't predict. Emotions didn't exclusively belong to women. Men feel too.

Have you ever invested all your emotions into one person? Fallen in love with someone you thought was an Eagle (partner for life) but turned out to be more of a Rooster?

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26 Greatest loves of my live



I use #atozchallenge when sharing my favourite posts.

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26 loves of my life - Let's call him...Oh my Odin. #atozchallenge


AC WARNING - THE CONTENTS OF THIS POST MAY REQUIRE AN ADULT CONTENT WARNING. According to the 'Blogging from the A to Z challenge' guidelines, 

The only clues I have as to why are because:

a) It was incredibly difficult for me to tell the story the way I wanted to tell it.
b) No adult ever discussed this with me when I was young. 

The Big 'O' - don't say I didn't warn you 

Here's a wee bit of smut for you.

It was quite accidental. At least I wasn't expecting it.

Odin (a teenage boy not the Norse God) touched me. I was fully dressed but something oscillated  deep inside. I may have gasped, but kept a straight face. I needed to get home. I didn't tell him why. I've rarely told anyone. After dinner, no arguments, I went straight to bed. I touched the same spot and to my wonder it happened again.

*The next lines are just science so I'm assuming they're AC safe*

I've since learned that women are the only living beings that have an organ designed purely for pleasure.

Only women.

Pure. Pleasure.

It's only recently been thoroughly researched and it's much bigger than I ever imagined. It deserves a lot more attention.

*Don't click the play button if you think you might be offended by a lesson in female anatomy - but it's fascinating, and only good can come out of it*

Betty Dodson educates us on the most underestimated female organ...

Since that day with Odin, I done some research of my own. It's important to experiment, communicate and teach if you're after satisfaction. Full stimulation releases specific hormones that improve emotional, physical and mental health... and Oh my Odin it feels good.

*If you averted your eyes back there - Your pretty safe from here*

There is a big difference between sacred and secret. In some parts of the world Aunties and Uncles are given the role of educating youth about the pleasures of being an adult. Sounds better than a random teenage boy and a neighbours hidden videos to me.

Apart from centuries of repression, why do you think the female anatomy has been a long and well kept secret?

Smut really is the wrong word. Women have an organ designed purely for pleasure. Is it any wonder that I have never met a woman that wished she was anything else. There is nothing smutty about that. Right?


It might feel like little butterflies or a powerful tremor - but have you ever felt a shift in your body when you've looked at, thought about or touched someone you're attracted to for the first time?

Do you feel uncomfortable talking or writing about intimacy?


I use #atozchallenge when sharing my favourite posts.

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Read more about:

 The A to Z challenge.  My theme and links to all 26 Greatest loves of my life.