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9 August 2013

NaNoBloPo - Didn't hot used to mean stolen?

I have to admit that while NaNoBloPo has give me a reason to blog, the prompts for the 'HOT' theme aren't inspiring me in a positive way. Need I remind you that there are no rules even suggesting that you have to use the prompts, you don't even need a theme to join, so with no-one left to blame, it's time for me to have a positive attitude check. This week's prompts and the reasons I've avoided them are:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Would you want to be known as hot?
Admittedly my social life, since moving to Denmark, is somewhat limited to family, classmates and the local pub (which, coincidentally is owned by a fellow Aussie woman, that has lived here for 20 years.) She has become a friend and my mentor and the only reason I visit the pub as often as I do, which isn't often, but I'm on a first name basis with all the regulars!  One of them recently asked me why I don't have any tattoo's, because he thinks they are hot. The only part of my body he could see was my wrists and neck. No I don't want to be known as hot.  I also don't want to know if the other regulars think I look hot, pregnant... or not, and I tire of the ass and breast comments every time my friend or I wear anything other than wet weather gear or practical uniforms. Paris Hilton popularised the word hot, anything from a car to a baby is labelled hot, once upon a time a hot car meant jail time.  Hot or Not is what stops me leaving the house some days, I can't be bothered putting on a costume and my house clothes are either too hot (i.e very little) or just too daggy to be seen by the general public, some people would think me walking around the house without a bra on is hot, others will shudder at the image.  I don't want to know if anyone thinks I'm hot or not, but I love that the Captain thinks I'm beautiful.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Is someone hot forever once they're labeled hot? Or is hotness fleeting?
Ok so Sophia Loren is hot, isn't she?  Are great weddings hot even after the marriage has fallen apart? Are couple's hot for getting back together or is never breaking apart even hotter, what about those cold nights? Is it hot to be liked by everyone, does that make any of us hot?  I guess the easiest way to answer this question is to keep asking questions.  
Thursday, August 8, 2013
Gina Lollobrigida declared 40 "hot." What do you think is the "hottest" age for women?
Her image is hot...but I can't even picture that now. She was an actress right? I'm guessing she has dark hair and if I google her I'm sure I can find a photo of her in a red dress. I think every woman has potential to look her best towards the end of every decade, energetically by mid-late 20's, 30's, 40's etc, we have embraced a decade of change and released the fear of getting a decade older. We haven't started worrying about the looming next decade yet, the peak has been reached. Gina Lollobrigida must be hot because the last three letters of her name are.
Friday, August 9, 2013
How is a red hot second different from a regular second?
More questions. Were you closer to first or third?  It's still second.  Second in charge (2ic). I am a two person, born on the second, and my initials are IC.  I am an natural 2ic. If hot meant funny I would think that's hot. 

Ok, maybe I have been in a 'not so positive' mood all week, but I really think that these questions require too much thought or they are just so cliche and simple, that I couldn't be bothered putting too much thought into them.  On the other hand there isn't much thinking going on around here about anything else I could be writing, so I procrastinated then ended up doing the prompts.  Hopefully there is a shift next week.  
If my surprise visitor on wednesday night was any indication, then there are going to be some changes on the way.  
My surprise visitor flew silently into the house after midnight, at first I thought it was a large moth. The second time it flew past I thought it was a very quiet bird. By the time I woke up the Captain and he stood up, we both realised it was a bat.  In many cultures Bat is a symbol of rebirth.
Thanks domrador.