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3 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life - Let's call him Cazaly #atozchallenge

Cazaly was full of energy, always misbehaving and the best Aussie Rules Footy player in school.  In second grade all the kids had to hold hands as we walked into class. I started falling in love with him when I noticed that he lined up next to me, all the time. It was only natural I learned to how to play football.

After weeks of perfecting my kicking and marking skills, I asked him if he wanted to be boyfriend.  He agreed, on one condition. Did I barrack for the Magpies?

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Well, of course I said YES.  I knew nothing about the professional football league and had no idea who or what the Magpies were. My Mum told me their real name was Collingwood and they wore black and white. I watched my first game of football that weekend. I didn't understand the rules and couldn't tell the difference between the teams colours on our black and white TV.

Our romance blossomed over shared lunches and games of kick to kick every playtime. The dilemma of whether to play on the same team so we could win together, or opposite teams so we could stand next to each other, was a difficult decision.

As my passion for gymnastics, swap cards and skipping rope grew, I lost interest in being tackled and chasing an egg shaped ball.  I rarely keep up to date with football results anymore either - but if you ask me who I barrack for I'll probably always sing out loud - "Good old Collingwood forever, they know how to play the game, side by side we stick together, to uphold the magpies name..."

Did someone you love influence the loyalty, to your favourite sports team? Why does our loyalty for the players change but never the team?

Have you ever seen Aussie Rules football? Here's an advertisement, with a song dedicated to the real Cazaly, from the 70's. It still gives me goosebumps, 'there's a lot more to footy than really meets the eye.'


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