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3 April 2013

C is for Clarity . A-Z word challenge. Words of change

clarity |ˈklaritē|
the quality of being clear

I once did  an American Indian Sun/Moon Dance -I danced forward and back to a totem pole for 3 days and nights. The shelter was meagre, no food or talking allowed. We were given a whistle made of Turkey bone, to blow while we danced, and half a cup of water. The goal was to cleanse our body, minds and souls, so we could receive a vision.  

I danced to the sound of a beating drum. I sucked air and moisture through the weeping whistle and the smell of burning sage satisfied my cravings. I cleared out a lot of poop. Outdoors, in a deep hole until I felt hollow like the whistle - in a good way, empty, clean and finally free of sadness.  My vision went like this.

Imagine a 12 year old American Indian girl - like Hiawatha or Pocahontas. Tiny, with two long plaits, a headband, bare feet and tan leather clothes. My father was preparing for his journey to a Sundance. I wanted to go but women were forbidden. I knew I was brave enough so I decided to go. I hid as we journeyed to the sacred site, and I took my place in the circle before he did.

No-one said a word. I was allowed to stay. They admired my cheek, underrated my power and, at times, a predator was enchanted by my sensuous dance.  Hundreds of years later, similar faces dancing a journey, smoking their pipes, letting me write, leaving me be. On the third day, curious and weary I dropped and they claimed I was Holy. I  was given a white robe and shown how the women became welcome. My gift was to see the result of my childhood defiance, hundreds of years ago, still nobody knew it was me.

After it ended a predator was lurking. He said "Your dance was mesmerising, I feel a connection" - from a past life no less - "Can I give you a massage?" - The, take your clothes off, nobody is watching, it's only natural, kind.  I told him with clarity it wasn't my vision. I cleared out and drove two hours home, blissfully cleansed (it really was a lot of poop).  I was on a different path - Nothing from the past could hurt me, and nothing imagined is real.  I was dancing to the beat of my own drum.

Clarity, Clearing and Cleansing - Call on frog medicine to bring on tears, water and rain. Plenty of tears, let them flow - without interruption. Do a ritual (or go to a spa, much nicer - same price), do a fast, go for a swim, do a colonic irrigation, anything to do with water will help - this is another foot bath reminder. Don't let a fear of emptiness overcrowd you. Experience the joys of feeling hollow and clear. With clarity comes vision.

If we pollute our body we pollute the planet. If you're bloated or blocked - Is clarity calling?

**The colonic irrigation link is for people seeking more information (inc. video).  I worked at the clinic for some years in Melbourne, Australia -   and it's C day - Colonic starts with a C :)**