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11 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life... Let's call him Jeremiah. #atozchallenge

Before mobile phones and email addresses, Jeremiah and I agreed that if we could keep in contact for 10 years we would be friends for life.

On our 10th anniversary we reminisced about:

- Letter writing and a friendship that spanned continents and lots of different addresses.

- Sharing and learning from each others relationship highs and heartbreaking lows.

- The dream I had of Jeremiah hurting his legs the night he fell down the stairs.

- Meeting his German wife, in India...and the day I was 'best man' at their wedding in Australia.

- Camping and home-brews. Old cars and sweet sweet music. Sharing our journals and philosophies.

- This song: Everybody's Talkin' Harry Nillson.

On our twentieth anniversary we reminisced about:

- The baptism of their first child, my God daughter.

- The day I drove away from a painful relationship and how he just happened to be driving down the same road. That perfectly timed hug.

- The trials and triumphs of commitment and love.

- Introducing him to the Captain.

- More children

- Family holidays at the lake house. Euro Disney in Paris and the day our families sailed the most beautiful fjord in Denmark together.

- Our toast to remembering the past and making new memories.


I'm happy to share Jeremiah with his wife... but I get jealous when the Captain gets to spend more time with him than I do... Jokes jokes - honestly I prefer the 'in vino veritas' chats with his wife, to catching fish with either of the men folk.

He's a dedicated parent and a devoted partner...it's no secret how much I love him, them, all of us.

The last time we met he said  "Our friendship feels like putting on your most comfortable pair of boots or slippers." Then he put another log on the fire, we poured four more glasses of spiced rum and started making plans for our next family holiday... Germany here we come.

On platonic relationships - do you believe men and women can truly be friends? How would you feel if your partners best friend was the opposite sex?


Seriously I can't name him Jeremiah and not post this song. Starts singing *Jeremiah was a bullfrog*

He will be disappointed it's not "I am a hotdog" by Mabel


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