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Amongst other things, this is a love story.... the theme changes occasionally... this year it is fitness and learning to love yourself.

28 November 2013

It's time to move on.

Thanks happiness coach

Hi Gary,

I have been totally stuck on my dream board post.  I was sure it would be of great benefit to many people. I have been keeping busy.  I have started working part time in the local pub, and writing a blog for a business in Melbourne, it's a little naughty as well as a whole lot of nice, and we have agreed that I need to remain anon. on  that one.  I have also been crocheting a lot, people seem to really like all those little knots raveled together.

Christmas is around the corner, I can hear the souls of restless people making shifts in one direction, or another.  I myself, am preparing to travel Downunder for the warm solstice season, and some bonding with the nuclear family and rest of my tribe.

I completely avoided Nanowrimo this year, I couldn't bear the disappointment of another unfinished manuscript. I've decided I might try my hand at songwriting - I used to do that a lot as a kid, on the back step in the rain, when I was too upset to talk. Perhaps I'll start with a song a day for the A to Z challenge in April.

Your blog, and your It's all about this post, inspired me to put fingers to keyboard, mostly because I knew you would stop in for a visit, and I figured this would at least make you smile...It's no Sinead v's Miley, but it's my public letter to you (one of many I imagine)....  the gratitude circle keeps spinning.


Ida C