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4 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life - Let's call him...Dog #atozchallenge

26 greatest loves of my life
26 Greatest loves of my life #atozchallenge 

Me:  Before I found you I could feel you calling out to me.
Dog:  Then why did you drive straight past the pet shop so many times?

I thought I was looking for a dog that needed rescuing.
You were. I guess most people don't think about pet shops as horror stories.

Then, when I finally found you, I was sure my new puppy was supposed to be a girl so I made you wait.
Worst night of my life.

I'm sorry.  By morning I knew I had to hurry back.
I shook all night long, and just imagined being curled up inside your belly.

26 Greatest loves of my life #atozchallenge 

Why did you run away when I went on holidays?
I was looking for you, I didn't know New Zealand was so far away.

It took me a long time to learn that we understood each other best when I didn't use words.
I can't believe all you wanted me to do was pee on the grass.

26 Greatest loves of my life #atozchallenge 

Thanks for being there when I needed you most.
Thanks for all the walks, snacks and letting me lick you.

I hope my dreams about the future didn't make you feel like you had to go away.
Remember I had health problems, I was never meant to get old.

26 Greatest loves of my life #atozchallenge 

I saw that car coming. Why didn't you stop when I yelled NO?
It was time to go. We were both ready... I wanted to go out with a bang!

That's not funny. 
Really? Admit it. My timing was always perfect. 

Ok I admit it. You could have warned me though.
I did. 3 times. 
26 Greatest loves of my life #atozchallenge 

I'm sorry I covered your face, before your last breath.
I felt safe, like I was in you.  I just closed my eyes and went to sleep.

26 Greatest loves of my life #atozchallenge 
Ashton 30/5/2005 - 30/5/2009
 26 Greatest loves of my life. Dog #atozchallenge 

The day I brought Ashton home, I had a premonition that he would only live for 4 years. I expected him to be around much longer. These are all conversations I've had with him, either while he was alive or in my dreams.

The Captain found me a few weeks after Ashton died.  If Ashton was still alive I would never have even entertained the idea of moving to the other side of the world.  I might have rescued him when he was a pup, but he saved me too.

Have you got a love story of the non-human kind?  Please share in the comments, I love to read them. 


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