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22 April 2013

S is for Ss or S's. Healing with words. Day 19. #atozchallenge

Thanks Inspiration boost and Bernard
S 1 |es| (also s)
noun ( pl. Ss or S's)the nineteenth letter of the alphabet.a shape like that of a capital S S 2abbreviation• Saint• siemens.• small• South or Southern • Biochemistry Svedberg unit(s).

S is the winner. S has more words starting with it than any other. That's a significant achievement for a word lover and it's reflected in my deck of Magic Spirit Cards.  The more choices I have the harder it is to for me to decide, so in honour of S's superiority, and my *checks thesaurus for an S word* shilly-shallying, I settled on S.  

The definition of S is somewhat long, which reminded me that Ruth Howard once said 'sometimes a few words are better than a long explanation.' So like a game of flash cards, here's a brief assessment for each of my seven S cards.
  • Spirit - it's the energy inside you, it's in everything, everywhere, and all connected. If you need to find a connection take a birds eye view of your situation and look within. 
  • Sexuality - It's a choice...Do I sense controversy? ... because someone, somewhere is deciding whether to keep a part of them secret or not, do it or not, hurt or heal with it, control or succumb.  It's nature and/or nurture. If you do it right it can be a whole lot of fun - drugs/alcohol are the only thing that can compare, when I say it's something that can take you closer within, but only takes you further away if you abuse it.
  • Surrender - It's the secret to a good nights sleep. Quit, give up, let go of control, be free.
  • Serenity - morning or night it's in every dawn I've ever seen, and my pseudonym, Lola Serene.   
  • Sensuality - It's sight, smell, sound taste and touch. Used together it's the difference between sultry or smoking hot sexy and processed junk food versus fine dining. Enjoy and absorb every detail.
  • Success - Today, I will feel it the moment I press publish. If your intention is to hurt others while achieving your splendour - you can't rightfully claim it.
  • Simplicity - back to basics, straightforward and easy.
Just in case you think my effort today is slightly slack.  I'll try and use my seven S words in a little story.

My Spirit needs to Surrender to the Serenity, and rediscover the sun's Sensuality, so I'm heading outside to do my first spot of spring gardening. My back will begin to ache but the Simplicity of a long soak in the spa tonight will ease muscles that have been dormant all winter. Just the thought of bathing is starting to awaken the desires of Sexuality.  Soon I will read this to the Captain and seeing his smile, will mark this Sunday a Success.  

Sometimes an S bend is the straightest road we are given.


Find out how I chose my theme by reading the intro blog at A-Z challenge list. Words of change.  Please add more words to the list in the comments - and with gratitude, I'll link your words back to you.