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23 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life - Let's call it...The Truth #atozchallenge

Ever noticed when kids tell the biggest lies? They don't want to get in trouble, they want people to believe they are smarter or stronger than they really are, or that their life is fabulous when it's full of fear.

They want to be just like their parents (and their parents know everything). It seems logical to act as if you just know everything too. As children, lack of knowledge feels more like a weakness than an opportunity to learn something new.

There is evidence to suggest the more intelligent a child is the better they lie.  Perhaps Pinocchio is a better role model than we ever suspected.  I ask children if their story is made up, real or both. I tell them I love listening to all types of stories.  Fairytales are real to very young children. They don't know the difference between fact and fiction. (Neither do some sociopaths - not all lies are precious.)

I have a special relationship with Truth, all seekers do. I made a conscious decision to commit to telling the truth at the age of 18.  It took me a few years to break the habit of lying... I constantly would re-start sentences with - 'let me start again that was a complete lie.'

The most incredible thing occurred, people stopped believing me when I told the truth. I never had people question my lies, yet my truth was questioned all the time.  It seems I only told believable lies but my life stories were unbelievable...

It wasn't easy to tell the whole truth, sometimes it's still hard - especially when it's something you know will cause pain. Especially, if it's something you don't want to admit to yourself.  Especially, when you have done something wrong.

The truth is I can't be bothered writing much more about Truth. Like most things in life when you seek it - you will find it (and/or it finds you.)

My personal motto: Be true to yourself and honest to everyone else.

Has finding out the truth about someone's lies ever really shocked you?


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