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1 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life - Let's call him Adam. #atozchallenge

In Grade Prep my favourite game was kiss chasey, especially if Adam was playing.  It took days before someone was brave enough to suggest another game. Some kids protested, but most of us had our secret missions planned.

It was the only game of tag, where I didn't mind being 'it' first. Maybe it was his lanky legs but Adam was always easy to catch. When it was his turn to do the chasing, I would slow down and deliberately skip across his path. The hardest part was making it look like we didn't want to be caught.

Adam's mum let him buy me a hair clip with a butterfly on it, and I was the first girl to get an invitation to his birthday party. It was a weekend party and the first I was allowed to go to on my own.

On Saturday morning his present was wrapped. Mum was making alterations to my party dress and I was playing on my favourite tree. A big walnut that doubled as my acrobatic bars. I tried to do a back flip off the sturdiest branch and I crash landed and broke my wrist. No party for me. Doctors orders.

We didn't have a telephone. I had no way of telling Adam that I couldn't make it to the party.  I tried everything to convince my parents I was well enough to go. I even begged them to take me, so I could give him his gift and tell him I couldn't stay.

I was sure he would be upset, maybe even drop me. I thought about running away. I pretended my arm didn't hurt. I cried and yelled and got my knickers in a huge knot, until exhaustion finally wore me down.

By Monday morning, the martyrdom on my left wrist had set. Armed with Adams present my Mum dragged me to school. We met Adam and his Mum at the gates. He'd saved a party bag of lollies for me. My cast became the centre of attention.

I told Adam I wasn't allowed to play games like chasey.  He suggested I walk instead of run. It made perfect sense to me. So we waited, until someone was brave enough to say "who wants to play kiss chasey?'

children kissing
26 Greatest Loves of my life #atozchallenge
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I wonder if the next two times I broke my arm was for a similar type of attention?

Have you ever played games, or bent the rules just a little, to get closer to a person you love?


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