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Amongst other things, this is a love story.... the theme changes occasionally... this year it is fitness and learning to love yourself.

26 April 2014

26 Great Loves of my life - Let's call them Wazza and Wyn... #atozchallenge

Wazza was a bonzer bloke. He didn't just help frail old ladies across the road, he carried them. He was a sculptor of metal and concrete, and a jack-of-all trades. Wyn was a marine steward whose car needed some minor repairs. Always on the look out to save some money she offered to clean his office in exchange for his time.

It was lust at first barter. The bingle that could have been fixed in a few hours ended up taking much longer. After all the cleaning and repairs were done Wazza personally delivered her fully re-sprayed good as new car to her apartment. She cooked him mango stuffed chicken breasts with a melody of spring vegetables and smashed potatoes.

Life's up and downs had taken their toll on Wyn. She was wary of men and some of their lecherous ways, but this sort of attention couldn't be ignored. Wazza was patient and persistent. After several months, and a few settled blues, they became a couple in love.

A year later he asked her to move into a new house with him. At the slightest suggestion she would think about it, he started moving her furniture out of the apartment. He was brave. At first she worried about protecting her assets then she embraced his enthusiasm. The procrastinator in her was in complete awe.

They moved into a mini mansion with a pool and hosted parties that lasted for days. They endured each others bad habits and encouraged each other to heal old wounds. They argued about manners and the future, sometimes for weeks. It was harsh at times but they always managed to talk about or laugh their problems away.

After a while his almighty laugh began to annoy her and their words became repetitive.

They were both unhappy. He ended the relationship. Wyn hated him for giving up, her family knew nothing of separations, commitments were meant to last. Wazza's family was a web of ex-inlaws and half brothers and sisters. He couldn't understand what she was trying to hold onto.

As the future began to take shape Wyn realised Wazza was right. Their relationship had passed its use by date and she was much better off without him. Wazza was cracking open another stubby when he heard Wyn had found love again.  He was happy for her and proud of his decision.

Have you been guilty of holding onto a person that is holding you back?

Can you look back on your time together and have a good laugh?


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