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23 April 2013

T is for transmute. Healing with words. Day 20. #atozchallenge.

transmute |transˈmyoōt; tranz-|verbchange in form, nature, or substance

It happened yesterday afternoon when I saw the solar panels on some old houses on the hill. My reflex reaction 'they look shiny and ugly. They don't fit.' Too modern in an environment where roofs were once thatched on houses that inspire fairytales. It will look like a scene from a regulated and uniform future.

My reaction grew into a story, about a man who once thought those same brick and wood beam houses with high pitched roofs, were just modern and ugly. Those same ugly houses that make this city one of the most charming sites in Denmark

Those same ugly houses with windows shining like stage lights when the sun reflects off them. Those same ugly houses that capture imaginations, when every hillside is covered in snow, mini havens with christmas lights twinkling, during long Northern winters.

Carved into the hillside on the most beautiful Fjord in Denmark, opposite one of the prettiest (and only) forests, on a land that has been savagely reaped. It is progress, all the houses have a view and every house can be seen, what was once hideous, soon becomes adorable.

The last time I wanted to write a story based on a simple reaction was over 12,000 days ago.  Last night before I fell asleep I met some new characters, this morning they were gone, but something has shifted.

I'm a reader and a writer, about 6000 days ago I stopped writing a journal, old thoughts became repetitive, new thoughts were venom to my ego, so I stopped thinking them.  

Maybe it's the the inspiring lessons and creations, from the hundreds of blogs I have been reading, or maybe it's just the right time.  All I know for now, is that I have some posts to finish before this April, AtoZ blogging challenge is over. I don't know what to expect, come what may, a passion has awakened.

Thanks shop and fun
The book, Animal medicine teaches that snake represents transmutation: There are other sources that I have long since given away or forgotten. I suggest if you are drawn to animals, or a particular animal, learn what you can about their behaviour - Are you more of a night owl or springbok?

- Snake is the symbol of modern medicine, it is equally worshiped and demonised throughout the world, a hunter and the hunted.

- Shedding skin is symbolic of transmutation.  As the skin starts to shift, snakes eyes become cloudy and they can't see properly. They attack their own shadows (and people they come into contact with). As their skin sheds their vision becomes clearer, energy re-kindled. It's still the same snake with a new outer casing, more room to grow and a whole new perspective.

- Antidote for a venomous snake bite is made from the same venom, we are our own antidote.


Has your passion been ignited lately? What do you do if a story comes to you, while your falling asleep? 


Find out how I chose my theme by reading the intro blog at A-Z challenge list. Words of change.  Please add more words to the list in the comments - and with gratitude, I'll link your words back to you.