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8 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life - Let's call him...Geronimo. #atozchallenge

Geronimo was funny, co-ordinated and a sensitive 12 year old 'of distinction.' I couldn't let on that I liked him. I had already learned to keep my desires to myself.  He was even better at feigning disinterest than I was.

Our romance had a chance to develop when we both scored parts in in the chorus of Sweet Charity, one of our school's annual musicals. We had minor parts but all the cast and crew were expected to go on a weekend rehearsal camp.  Three days before the camp, Geronimo surprised me and asked me to be his girlfriend. Neither of us knew what to do after I said yes, but I couldn't wait to tell my friends.

I didn't see him again before we got on board the bus to go to camp. We sat apart. I thought he was avoiding me. We were the youngest cast members. We weren't as good at hiding our feelings as we thought.

On the first night of camp, some of the older girls told me he was waiting to see me behind the dormitory. I was terrified that he would try to kiss me. A real kiss.

Facing my fears. 26 Greatest loves of my life. #atozchallenge
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It was so dark, we could barely see and neither of us remembered a torch.  I needed to blow my nose but was too scared to sniff.  He held my hand, it was sweating. We leant against the back of the building and I froze when I felt him get closer.  He missed my lips. I should have sniffed. It happened so fast.  My nose still dripping, I was too embarrassed to move and I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

He gave me a nice long hug, and I wiped my nose on my sleeve. We were afraid of getting caught, and I was afraid of what the older kids would imagine if we were gone to long. We said goodnight and I felt my way back to the front of the building.

Three months after the final show, I wasn't even sure we were together anymore. We never had classes together, never played together and apart from greeting each other 'good morning' and 'see ya tomorrow' every day, we hardly ever spoke.

My friends asked me why we never hung out together. I was sure he was going to drop me, so I got in first.  After I told him it was over he went back to class and smashed a window. Later, I told him I didn't think it would upset him so much and he should have told me how he really felt.  He didn't speak to me for the rest of the year.  I was happy when he found a new girlfriend.
26 Greatest loves of my life #atozchallenge
Image courtesy of clker.com

It never occured to me that he might have been waiting for me to talk to him first. Do you have a tendency to think the worst when you don't have all the facts? Have you got an embarrassing first kiss story?


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