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23 April 2015

Thank you. #atozchallenge Care for the carers.

Two days after her 73rd birthday my Mum took her final breath. She had Alzheimers and Motor neurone disease. For her final 3 months I was her main carer. A privilege I am grateful for and will cherish forever. This years #atozchallenge theme will focus on being a carer / care-giver.

Remember to care for the carers.  


First of all thank you life.

Thanks for all the situations I've found myself in that help me know what to do.

Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to be present where I'm needed most.

Thanks for taking me away from it all and getting me back there again.

Thank-you for my inner circle. Far, near and closest.

Thanks for giving me a release for fear, pain and frustration.

The relentless challenges strengthen me, ta.

Thanks for signs of encouragement, moments of joy too.

Thank-you for access to high class services' general equipment.

Thanks for making me feel privileged to care.

Thanks for making it a dignified choice, not a hopeless necessity.

Thank-you life for leading me here.


I did feel very privileged to be able to care for my Mother. So many people have so little or no access to basic medical facilities or services. With so many refugees in the world a lot of people don't even know where their entire families are. Then there are the modern well off families that live to far away, don't have room in their houses, can't afford to give up their jobs...

Hopefully one day, communities will have family centres. Student accommodation, child care centres and elder facilities all in the one location.  

If world class means first class, why doesn't the whole world have access to the necessities that made me feel so privileged? 


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  1. My husband's paternal grandmother was 91 when she passed, but she'd been going downhill for a while before then. The local rest homes would not take her because of her tendency to swear. Most of the care fell to two of her three remaining sons, one who only came around when he needed or wanted something, one who took over a lot of the care until he became too ill, and my FIL, who wound up taking care of the both of them (his brother and mother) when no one else in the family would. DH (my 'Captain') and I offered every day to help but his Dad would not hear of it. We since bought the grandmother's old house and live quite close to the father-in-law, which is nice.

    1. Fancy being refused entry for swearing when so many elderly people lose their inhibitions... Your FIL sounds like a lucky man, I often say that we don't understand what strong is compared to the strength of character of our older generations

  2. Hi human, Ida,

    The carers of this world, selfless and caring, are often overlooked. You, my kind human friend, are the epitome of caring.

    Pawsitive wishes,


    1. Ah Penny - now your speaking just like a love struck dog would... blind the faults of their humans.... There are plenty of people more qualified to be called the epitome of caring, but I agree that caring for carers is often overlooked.

      Say hi to Gary

  3. Lovely post Ida thank you - and yes we do have to wonder how it is that so so many do not have access to families and facilities.

  4. Hi Ida .. yes thank yous are much appreciated .. and in all instances we can do and give more of them .. and so many carers here have family overseas I feel for them, especially when I was caring for my mother and they were looking after her ..

    Thank you .. small but essential to life ... cheers Hilary