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Amongst other things, this is a love story.... the theme changes occasionally... this year it is fitness and learning to love yourself.

21 March 2013


Time for a new challenge, after Nanowrimo I have been off the writing wagon.  Time to get back on again and the A-Z blog challenge looks like fun, as well as a good excuse to finally get this blog moving.

Blog everyday in April except Sundays, and it has to be A-Z, theme or no theme is up to the blogger/writer.  I am pretty sure I will choose a Magic Spirit Card word each day, Abundance, beauty, calm etc etc... and the stories I associate those words with.  A journey into emotions, metaphysics and healing. With any luck I might end up with fodder for a self help book, or at least a theme for my next novel...

Want to join in?  Here's the sign up link. A-Z sign up