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Amongst other things, this is a love story.... the theme changes occasionally... this year it is fitness and learning to love yourself.

30 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life - Lets call him... Zoro. #atozchallenge

He was 'knockin' at my door, ringing' my bell and tappin' my window too,'* and  I still didn't recognise him.  What I saw in front of me wasn't the man I thought I wanted... Maybe this is what 'love is blind' really means. He had no choice but to give up. 11 years later, when I had finally grown up, he returned. The timing was perfect.

It's the end of the alphabet but the beginning of my Greatest Love of all.

NB:  Sometimes you have to the cut it.

If ever a love there was, this is the easiest of them all.

"Because, because, because, because -

Because of the wonderful things he does."**

Zoro is of course The Captain, My Captain- you can read a snippet of our love story in the 'about me' section under the title of this blog.  For the whole story, you have to wait until my WIP (currently titled 'To-get-her') becomes an inspirational romance novel.

I'm telling the story from his perspective.  More people need to read about what goes on in the minds of men just like him.

His favourite Jim Rohn quote.  "When you know what you want, you'll find a way to get it."

He sails and see's lots of shooting stars. He wishes the same wish every time...I might name it 'Three stars one wish.'

Since our relationship began I have learned: The partner of your dreams doesn't always look/sound/dress/behave/act anything like you expected.

Dreams come true so make sure you're dreaming good ones.

I realise today that I wrote this entire theme for him.

5 years ago he sent me this song.

Today I'm sending it to him.


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Thanks for joining us during the #atozchallenge, I have been both busy and remiss (thanks Zoe) the last two weeks, but I'll pop in occasionally and see how you're doing.  See you at the reflections post.