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13 April 2013

L is for Laughter. Healing with words. Day 12 #atozchallenge

laughter |ˈlaftər|nounthe action or sound of laughing

"No man who has once heartily and wholly laughed can be altogether irreclaimably bad."- Carlyle, Thomas


Ho Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha Ha Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi

I used to giggle at fingers. I giggled when you looked at me, my feet, or if I had something important to say. She's so happy they would say, always smiling and chuckling.

When I grew wiser I could begin laughing. It would start in my belly, people said you're so funny, your laughter is hearty, worth more than money, it feels like a party.

Laughter is a healer, a language we all understand, like breathing we know how to do it without any instructions. It's an emotional release that involves our whole body, some say it evolved from panting -which is sure sign that your dog is smiling and laughing.  It's uncontrollable, unconscious, social and contagious.

My favourite explanation of laughing was from my 6 year old sister, she said "Laughter is like climbing a ladder, each burst is a step that brings you closer to heaven."  Laughter for me is natures music, sometimes too loud, sometimes to dainty, some laughs fill you privately when people are joking, others burst forth, like farts when you're straining.

If you're feeling a bit down check out the laughing yoga video at the end, 'fake it till you make it' is better than not laughing at all.  If you're really depressed, watch all of them, they might make your smile.

For the child in us:

For Rockers:

For Healers:

Learn to laugh at yourself. A lot of laughter is better than a little, a little is better than none. Remember children laugh more than adults because the make time to play.

Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha hi hi hi hu hu hu u u u u a  a  a aaa  heeeeeeee 

Love and laughs



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