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19 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life... Quiet I'm reading. #atozchallenge.

"I don't care much for reading" quipped my 11 year old bonus child.

 "How could you not like reading?" questioned my 10 year old God child.  "I've been to India, outer space, happy, terrified and every other emotion. I get to time-travel, meet people from all over the world and learn all sorts of stuff just by opening a book. I mean how could you not love books?"


Confessions of a non-literary book worm.

Bonus child enjoys reading now, but only the allotted 1/2 hour his parents make him do every day. Sometimes he forgets to ask me the time. One minute less is never an option. Over 30 minutes and I stop counting... every adventure filled extra minute.

I have devoured books since I was a child.  I often got into trouble for reading too much.  I would hide in the dunny (people tend to leave you alone when you're in there). I would use a torch under the blankets in bed and stay up all night just to read another page... the end of the chapter... until the battery went flat.

I used to hide novels behind my text books, and sneak in a few pages during class.


I download lots of free e-books to the Kindle app on my phone. Buying books is off the budget for now. There's not a huge range of English novels buried in Danish libraries. I promise I will get better at leaving reviews. I have sent email's or private messages to the authors before and have always been pleasantly surprised when they respond.

I try to analyse what's going on in the head/heart of every author I read.

I am not a grammar nazi. I am more impressed with people that can speak two or more languages with slightly off grammar, than a perfectionist in one language - Just because you can't get your apostrophes in the right places doesn't mean you don't have an interesting story to tell.

My biggest confession: I rarely remember the names of authors or titles of their books. I can't even think of one book immediately, where I remember both. Who wrote Wuthering Heights? What was the title of my favourite David Malouf novel? Was Tom Sawyer the name of the novel or the character...?  Somewhere in my heart and dendrites each story resides.

(Didn't Einstein say he refused to remember anything he could look up in a book?)

Is it a book worm? No. It's a baby dendrite getting longer with every new tale.
Image courtesy of www.clkr.com

Have you got any book-worm confessions?


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