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13 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life... Let's call it a Love song. #atozchallenge

I was never a huge fan of love songs. I considered them to be the mid-day soap-operas of music.

Then someone wrote a love song about me, for me, or because of me... He tells that part of the story better.

He was a  super cool neighbour, who became one of my best friends. More times than I can remember he would barge into my apartment, guitar and fresh lyrics in hand.

After he met The Captain he went home and wrote our song.

Here's the acoustic version.

Here's the lyrics:
Can you be my lover? - by Ben Jackson

Take it to the limit
Give me the time of my life
Show me what your feeling
Love is strong all through the night

Save me like an Angel
Broken in two and I lose my mind
Save me like an Angel
Never know what we'll find

I don't want to be
The last one standing here.
I don't want to be
wondering why

Can you be my lover?
Hearts will break if I have no other
Can you be my lover?
No more games at night

Oh the sun will rise again
Dreaming of yesterday
The moon will wait in silence
Lost in clouds far away

You know that I won't fall
You're all that I ever needed
Time is not a reason
Just the way things have proceeded.

Here's the full band version recorded live at the Gershwin room in St Kilda, Melbourne. I love the percussion at the end.

Here's another song I love... Down Came the Rain - the original studio recording with Russell Morris can be heard at Reverb Nation  - while your there you might also enjoy 'Dirty dirty disco', 'Facespace', 'Catch me if you can', and a haunting rendition of 'Angel in white.'

...or you can listen to a live recording here.

You can find him at Ben Jackson's Facebook page

For some of his DJ sets go to Soundcloud.

He's come a long way since 2008. Now he runs his own touring company for local and international acts too - HayJack touring

The biggest change since 2008 is how many love songs I actually enjoy listening to now.

Has anyone written a song, story or poem about you? What's your favourite love song.


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