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Amongst other things, this is a love story.... the theme changes occasionally... this year it is fitness and learning to love yourself.

29 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life - Let's call him..Yarra #atozchallenge


At 36, I was fast recovering from my favourite mistake. I had my dog and my tiny apartment in a big city and I was living next door to Ben Jackson, the DJ/musician who wrote me a love song.

Quite regularly I'd spend an hour or two at seedy nightclubs at one of his rave sets.

At that time of the night the silhouette of society gathers to the beat of the bass. The Rave culture cops a bad wrap but at the heart of the movement is music and the underlying principle is of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect (PLUR). I met a lot of grouse people of all ages. Some of them crawled right under my wings, others helped my fly. Yarra did both.

Image courtesy of www.publicdomainvectors.org

Yarra was a superb dancer, full of confidence and insecurities. We connected somewhere in the middle of our vast age difference. He gave me insight into the how the younger generation communicate. Constant text messaging. I could have been a Cougar, but there is no way I could have taken myself seriously. Our 'textashionship' was enough.

Image courtesy of www.clker.com

It came at a time when we both craved, and wanted to give, some attention... without the heartache.

Our private bubble. A connection to the world of 'I'm Okay - You're Okay.'

Over time, the hours between text messages grew longer apart. He's a Dad now and I moved far away to be with The Captain. We have Facebook. He approves of the name I chose for him.

Yarra is said to be a mispronounced aboriginal word that means 'ever flowing river.' It is the name of the biggest river that runs through our home town - the city of Melbourne.

Those text messages taught me to express myself, unguarded. Evidence of which can be seen in the hundreds of pages of dialogue between The Captain and I, before we lived on the same continent.

Successful flirting, for me, is the perfect balance of adventure and boundaries. It makes both the flirter and flirtee feel good about themselves.  It is tasteful and respectful.

Have you enjoyed harmless flirting or do you tame your flirt for fear of being misunderstood? Do you think flirtee should become an official relationship status?  He's my flirtee... it works for me.


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