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Amongst other things, this is a love story.... the theme changes occasionally... this year it is fitness and learning to love yourself.

21 February 2014

Alzheimer's, old boyfriends and Aussie slang.

Follower or followed, the 2013 A to Z April Challenge, probably bought us together.  I joined at the last minute and embarked on a sleepless month of writing, editing, re-writing and most importantly reading hundreds of blogs. The challenge gave me a new love of the written word and took me places I never imagined - did I mention hundreds of blogs i.e thousands of blog posts.  I even scored a monthly gig posting anonymously for another blog, bring on more of that kind of work - please.

If you want to join up click the link under the image.  Arlee Bird created the challenge, you'll find links to his page and all the other hosts there too.

sign up to the challenge link here
Last year my theme was Healing with Words - based around a deck of magic spirit cards that guided me through many of lives lessons, during my twenties.  Single words that were a seeming, random catalyst for change. A change that was desperately needed. The aim was to find my writing voice.  I'm not sure that happened, I dabble between poetic and prose, mostly prose, I have to edit out the rhyming a lot.

This year I have signed up early, with any luck I will get a lot of my posts written and scheduled well before the start date... or procrastinate, as is my way, and leave it to the last minute once again.
The one major thing getting in the way of being organised is I'm stuck between 3 themes.  A theme is not necessary, this in itself could be my fourth theme, but let's not confuse things anymore than necessary.

Here are my themes so far.

1.  , Aussie slang, as mentioned in my Reflections post.  For the traveller to Australia or a new immigrant these are invaluable, for the curious wordsmith a good laugh.  Some make perfect sense some make none at all... I'm pretty sure I could 'ave a go' without making a 'Wally' of myself, but 'fair dinkum' there are teatowels in every tourist shop with slang on them, and it might be a bit 'daggy.'

2. 26 boyfriends.  From my first crush at 5 years old to my current love story, and all the unrequited loves, mistakes, heart breaking and heart mending romances in between. A snapshot of the many boys and men in my life seems like a fun idea.  A is for Adam - the first love. B is for Brett - my favourite mistake. C is for Con - his mother hated me. D is for Dean - Summer of love love love. E is for Eddie - that cute Scandinavian kid. etc etc

and finally

3.  Remember the time... A journey into Alzheimers.  My recent trip to Australia inspired this one.  My mother was diagnosed in 2012 she forgets things and doesn't even remember she has Alzheimers.  I'm not sure where this theme will take me, the story is fresh.  While watching anyone succumb to a disease is horrible, forgetting can be fun and despite the tragedy of it all we managed to have a lot of laughs. They say comedy is tragedy with good timing and I feel comfortable sharing.  
So bloggers, help me decide should it be 1 2 or 3?

I'll be doing the big A to Z theme reveal on March 21st - find the linky list here

In the meantime, I'll be brushing up on how to do links and visiting some of my favourite blogs from 2013 to see who else will be signing up.