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16 August 2013

A comedy duo. #Australia's got Talent, #Dash and D'Bree

Dash and D'Bree, are like a cross between Patsy and Edína from Absolutely Fabulous and and Kath and Kim the iconic female comedy duo from Australia.  Their dedication to their dream is starting to pay off, and I want to support them. You can find out more about their origins on Dash and D'Bree's website. They are friends of mine, talented, intelligent, and provide an interesting insight into the attitudes and minds of the post X-generation. I can't remember what that generation is called... Is it the, I want to be famous and I'm not afraid to make you know why I think I should be famous generation. Dash and D'Bree are shop assistants that want to be famous and aren't afraid to reveal some youth truths as well as try and make everybody look and be as fabulous as they are.

Here''s a link to some of their uploaded videos, where you can see lessons in walking like a model, tv performances, stage shows, singing and other productions.

Their performance on Australia's got talent gave birth to the idea of a television show, the judges loved them and Danni Minogue said she just wants to hang out with them.

Check out the clap rap video from their first audition.. (Did you spot me smiling in the audience?)

Here's a link to their facebook page... 

and their twitter is here https://twitter.com/dashanddbree

They are in the process of raising some money for a new web series.  This  is a rags to riches story I want to see come true. I believe they only need a few hundred dollars to reach their modest goal. This a shout out to them and their hard work, the world will be a funnier place if more people meet their talent.  Even if you have absolutely no intention of handing over a single cent, click on the link for a taste of their humour and skill, and like or join their fb or twitter. I love their 'you can't say that' comedy a lot,  mostly because they do say and even sing about it.

Click here if you want to learn more about their appeal.