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30 March 2010

The risky decision. Following my heart and moving to Denmark

I have decided to move to Denmark, I haven't yet decided on a date, but everything is pointing to flying back with my sweetheart Søren (pronounced Soeren) on May the 13th, 2010. After searching deep and questioning the people that surround me, my final decision is based on the fact that the only thing riskier then taking such an adventurous risk is NOT taking a risk at all.

So it is time to arrange moving to a foreign country, consider learning a new and difficult language and giving my sweetheart the chance he wholeheartly requested and deserves...the chance to make ME happy.

Of course, as is my nature, I have decided to leave everything to the last minute. If I do move in May, there are only have a few weeks left to break up with so many of my other loves, like my country Australia, my city (I love Melbourne), my cute little apartment, friends and family, jobs as a teacher, reflexologist and nurse and most heartbreakingly my ageing parents, who are also immigrants, and know to well the distance between the two hemispheres is enormous.

This romance may seem sudden to some, but it actually started 12 years ago when we worked on a ship together, and neither of us even had email addresses. He claims that is when he first fell in love, though I didn't recognise it. He even proposed to me, I was distracted and didn't take it seriously. Sadly there was an 11 year gap before we were re-united again through facebook, and msn, and now Skype gratefully has become a part of our daily lives. In this last 12 months we have written over a thousand pages of notes, emails and instant chats to each other, and spent several hours every day discussing, comtemplating, sharing our thoughts, dreams and truthfully revealing all our fears. He has travelled here once and arranged for me to travel to Denmark, in the worst winter they have had for decades, to meet all of his family. Despite the distance between us, from the moment he expressed his desire to be together and I gave him the green light to pursue his dreams, I have felt like he is right beside me the whole time. It is this process and his dedication, that has slowly but surely convinced me that he is not a sad lonely stalker but the sweetest and most perfect man, for this once absolutely confirmed single forever, free spirited, adventourous but somewhat weary and battered soul of mine.

In this blog, I hope to catalogue our meeting, and share my experience of love and relationships, and of course the journey to and from here. I guess that covers everything from my family, my youth, growing older and of course the adventure and challenges of being an expat.

Right now though, I'm at work [@ the Colon Care Clinic http://www.coloncareclinic.com.au/,  - the buzzer is about to buzz, so until next time, which at this rate might not be until I touch down in Denmark (whenever that will be!) I will leave you with Søren's fave quote.

"If you want something bad enough you will find the way to get it."

Love and Laughs