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1 April 2013

A is for Abundance. A-Z challenge - Words of change -

abundance |əˈbəndəns|
noun: a very large quantity of something 

My abundance story is a bit 'special' - because it has to do with hearing voices while I was in a New Age shop, looking for a bell.  I saw and was about to touch it, when a message, in my head, said "Everything you need you already have." It was a gentle, calm male voice, not just a memory of my mum telling me not to touch everything.

No point looking over my shoulder, this speaker was in my brain. I was curious, and a little spooked. I didn't buy the bell.  I never heard that message again, but I thought about it every time I looked at bells, shoes, junk food or anything else I didn't really need.

Fast forward 3 months and still no bell, the market season was coming to an end, and the message still made no sense until early one Autumn morning. My neighbour, a big punch drunk sailor, came to visit me after his 4 month trip to Europe, with a gift. He was a man of few words, especially when he was sober. "This is for you, I thought you might like it"

His carefully wrapped gift was unexpected. I had sailed with him a few times and helped him seal the deal on his apartment but I was surprised to even get a visit. I screamed with delight when I unwrapped the present and saw my new bell.  He's not into 'the hocus pocus' but he thought it was strange, both the voice and that he had bought me the bell. It's old fashioned looking, painted light green with a wooden handle. It wasn't anything like the bells I had seen, but 3 months ago my guiding voice was right. I did already have what I needed, it was already mine just in another part of the world. My perfect bell,  it's tone, and the memory, are both lasting.

"Everything you need you already have." 

If you're reading this blog then you have abundance in your life.  Can't find a new outfit, it's fine to wear an old one.  Can't find your shoe size, there's a better pair for you, somewhere else.  Feeling jealous that someone else is succeeding - scarcity is invading your thoughts.  There is always plenty of what we need, for everyone, and with the right attitude you can have some too.  Give with abundance, but please don't be greedy, take only what you need.

If you're not getting what you want, can't do it, afraid of it, miserable or apathetic your forgetting abundance, (not all the good ones are taken or gay - they just might look a little different to what you expected :)) -

If your visiting from the A-Z challenge I wish you an abundance of inspiration.  

Are you a bit 'special'?  What have your voices told you?