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10 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life - Let's call her...Ida. #atozchallenge

Ida can be pronounced 'Ee-da' or 'Eye-da' and I answer to either or either. 

I still feel awkward saying it sometimes, but I've always loved it. 

Some of the nicknames I got as a kid were Idaho potato, Ida spider, Idadoody, I'da thought...

I generally answered with, "I'dA know... if I've heard that one before!'

Ida, sweet as apple cider - is a song from early 1900's.  A lot of old men have sung "Ida sweet as apple cider, oh how idolise her, indeed I do" incredibly off key to me, for as long as I can remember.

Many cultures claim ownership of the origin of the name Ida

In 11 century Germany, Saint Ida the patron saint of brides and widows is credited with teaching, that physical unity in marriage reflects spiritual unities. 

In greek mythology the nymph Ida protected Zeus as a baby, and the constellation Two bears is named in her honour. 

In Indian medicine Ida is aligned with moon energy. It controls the mental processes, and sits at the base of the kundalini.

In hindu mythology Ida is an androgynous Goddess of earth and a granter of blessings.

King Ida in 6th century Britain was the founder of a line of Anglo saxon royalty.

In Norse mythology Ida is a place at the centre of Earth where the most important decisions of the Gods are made. 

Ida - an asteroid with a moon named Dactyl
image courtesy of NASA/Public Domain

Other interesting facts (even if your name isn't Ida):

Ida is the name of the first asteroid discovered with it's own moon

Ida is the nickname of a 47 million year old fossil that is linked to the evolution of primates.

Growing up in Australia I never knew another Ida. It stopped being a popular name in America about 100 years ago. In most of Scandinavia it is one of the top 10 most popular girls names. 
I have taught myself to not turn around every time I hear my name being called at the supermarket or public events, since I moved to Denmark. 

For as long as I can remember I have said 'The I in Ida is the God in me.'

I was named after my Italian Grandmother (who I never met) and my Mother says it means glad or happy. Would you name your daughter Ida or Ida?

Does the origin of your name fascinate you?  Have you googled it's meaning?


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