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12 April 2014

26 Greatest loves of my life... Let's call him Ken. #atozchallenge

Back to year eight in high school (13 years old) . By this stage I knew exactly why Ken wanted to meet me after school behind the library. I couldn't wait for the bell to ring.

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He had perfect teeth and a beautiful smile. He was about the same height as me. We met every afternoon and perfected the art of breathing through our nostrils, for as long as possible. After a week or so his Mum started getting concerned about why her son was coming home later every day. 

Occasionally someone would come to his rescue and let him know she was out looking for him. He would try to make it home before she did. 

We had to cool it off for a bit. Every lunch time I waited for him to finish playing soccer and hoped he'd be able to meet up after school - all too willing. One night I wrote him a letter. I snuck out after dinner and rode my bike to his house to hand deliver it. 

The next day he was mad at me for getting him in trouble. His mum opened the letter before he did.  He never even got to read it. When she found out I wasn't even Greek, she started waiting at the gates for him every afternoon. I was furious at the injustice of her racism, invasion of our privacy and that he would never know what was in the letter. I was accused and blamed for something beautiful, turning ugly. I felt so childish. In our house nobody was allowed to open other peoples mail.

He forgave me but kept his word to his mother. A few of the greek girls thought he was free game after that. I'm pretty sure he just wanted to keep kissing whoever got there first.

Relationships were starting to get complicated.

Have you ever failed to gain approval, or had your heart broken by a third party?


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