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4 August 2013

Have you ever Nano...ed?

In November 2012 I became a Nanowrimo winner for the first time... google it if you are interesting in finally committing to a writing a novel, the goal is to write fifty thousand words in a month.  Many people have successfully published books as a result of their Nano efforts, and it opened up a whole new world to me.

This month I've decided to joined the NaBloPoMo challenge tomorrow is the last day to join here.

I am already a day or three behind.  There are prompts here, if you choose to follow the prompts the theme is hot, otherwise you can write about whatever you want, it appears weekends are not counted.  There doesn't seem to be any rules or regulations, just some usual blog hop courtesies etc... 

The first two prompts are...

Thursday, August 1, 2013
Do you like hot drinks such as coffee and tea?  
Yes and Yes.  I love coffee so much that I get annoyed if it isn't made properly.  I am yet to taste a well made cafe latte in Denmark, unlike France  and Melbourne my hometown has a great reputation for perfect coffee.  I like espresso too, no sugar thanks. The Captain makes me coffee with steamy, frothy milk shaped loved hearts on them.

I never get tired of them, though I know he would love to get more creative eventually.

Friday, August 2, 2013
How do you like to warm up when you're cold? 
I never understood what really cold was before I moved so close close to the north pole.  In these parts of the world nothing quite warms you up as good as sensible layering of clothes and the famous Danish coffee punch.  Warning I did not say it tastes good.  Strong black coffee, two spoons of sugar and a generous dollop of Danish Akvavit (a herbal infused vodka type liqueur).  The new floor heating and a hot spa bath downstairs works wonders too!

That's it for now see you Monday