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Amongst other things, this is a love story.... the theme changes occasionally... this year it is fitness and learning to love yourself.

14 August 2013

When Abstinence becomes Indulgence.

 I have mastered the art of indulgence and rarely chosen, or adhered to, abstinence. So I used my ability to twist things around in order to make sense of it all and asked myself how to make abstinence an indulgence?

Instead of indulging an insatiable appetite The Captain and I have abstained from re-filling our plates with 'left overs' and started indulging a desire to be healthier and happier.

Abstaining from late night television and cuddling on the sofa means we have indulged in more sleep and better moods.

Abstaining from pasta and potatoes means we  have indulged in more colourful vegetables, beans and salads.

Abstaining from sugar has re-introduced fruit as a naturally sweet indulgence.

Abstaining from extra salt means indulging in herbs and spices.

Abstained from spoiling each other with immobilising treats, indulge in long walks in the forest.

Abstain from back hunching hours on the computer, indulge in lengthening stretches that give birth to long forgotten endorphins. .

Abstain from a sedative lifestyle, indulge in skipping ropes and racing heart beats.

Abstain from wasting money, save instead for indulgent holidays.

Abstain from talking too much, indulge in words of new stories you hear.

Abstain from controlling, indulge in spontaneity, at times it's the other way round.

Abstain from criticising  yourself and begin to indulge a desire to be loved - by you.


The Captain saw 14 shooting starts last night, I asked him if he wished my wish, be fit. He answered if that will make you happier then I wished it 14 times.


This from the man that  loves decadent meals.

Me: What, no cheese?
Him: Not today.


Me: I bought you a present.
Him: Chocolate?
Me: No. A skipping rope.
Him: *finds you tube clip on how to skip rope - starts skipping*
Me: *Wipes dust off my rope.*


This from the Captain, after a night shift, whose favourite dock has always been his own bed.

Me:  It's windy and raining, perfect day to spend in bed.
Him:  Mmm - I'll make you a coffee but you have to be dressed by 11.00. We're going for a walk.

Complaining is an indulgence I might just abstain from too.