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Amongst other things, this is a love story.... the theme changes occasionally... this year it is fitness and learning to love yourself.

27 July 2013

Insert interesting title here... #tomorrowland

Insert interesting post here.

Followed by a majestic photo.

Present interesting points with humour and wisdom.

Conclude with a philosophical or broader outlook.

Ask an empathic question that reflects my own struggles and/or understanding.

Acknowledge potential comments that will either affirm values and beliefs or simply provide a connection with people you care about and haven't forgotten.

Smile, remember that misery, confusion and sensory overload is better than denial.

Sometimes a day at the beach turns into a summer holiday, other times it just means sand in your sandwich.

End with an original and unexpected quote, that may or may not be relevant. Smile again.

Escape to Tomorrowland (online) for the weekend. Sing, dance, burn some calories and replenish the rhythm...

http://www.tomorrowlandradio.com/  ... Ministry of Sound UK  can put you in the mood before the live show kicks off from Midday til 1am, Belgium time.

You tube Channel link...  a little annoying with all the ads, but fun to watch while you listen live on one of the many radio stations all around the world.  Have you ever been to a dance or music festival? Some of my most magical memories are of dancing with friends and strangers...

Now the weekend has come to an end here's a few links that have been published around the net.. but if you google tommorowland 2013 you will find more...

one of my favourites... Armin Van Buuren.. I saw him do a live set for 9 hours in Melbourne a few years ago... it was incredible

here's a good list of several other artists performances...


All the best