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25 April 2013

V is for Valid. Healing with words. Day 22. #atozchallenge

valid |ˈvalid|adjectiveactually supporting the intended point or claim;

My reasons for choosing valid  require no validation, but allow me to explain.    

They are vindicated by virtue of these variable developments:
  • I have no V card in my deck of Magic Spirit Cards so there was a vacancy for valid.
  • I wrote this two weeks ago in preparation for, and in case I came up with nothing better, while  I'm venturing through Copenhagen, and you are all celebrating V day.
  • I have various valuable reasons for wanting to complete this challenge, and a 3 day offline sojourn didn't seem like a valid excuse, because I learnt to schedule posts about 2 weeks ago.

I'm going to miss reading your V blogs today, but I'm back tomorrow to read/respond to any valid comments or criticisms, because I value them very, very much.

If your making a valid point, make sure it's logical or at least tell the truth.  


Find out how I chose my theme by reading my intro blog A-Z challenge list. Words of change.  You are welcome to add more words to the list in the comments - and I'll link them back to you.