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2 April 2013

B is for Balance - A-Z word challenge - words of change

balance |ˈbaləns|
1. an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady

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- You need skill to centre yourself and achieve perfect balance, but nothing much happens there. Too still, too perfect and you're in the dead zone. Imbalance, only one slight movement away. It's more fun to reach high, but you will need support, a counter balance. The beauty of balance is in the movement, the balancing act. Relaxed and efficient. Still and moving. Just like a see-saw but without the hippo on it.

If I was to pick my Balance card today, I would use it to remind me to do balance based activities like a yoga, pilates, or stretching videos - or waterskiing -  If I had a boat and the fjord wasn't frozen.

If my reflexology clients chose Balance, I would tell them, that I just wrote a blog about balance and they should read it! Then I'd take care to balance all of their systems, find the pulsing points and wait for their rhythms to change. I'd do lots of rocking movements and make sure I did both feet exactly the same.

Some other thoughts on Balance:

- Even after a rough start, only a swinging pendulum is truly balanced - or it ceases to function.

- Comedy is a balance act between tragedy and timing, but the goal is always therapeutic.

- Balance your health with the seven natural doctors - Sunshine, fresh air, water, nutritious food, laughter and movement. Whether you are trying to balance a bank account, or the demands of everyday living remember to balance your life with things that are important to you, nurture yourself with natural doctors  -or  at least  give your feet a soak in a foot bath - add some salts, herbs/spices or lemons, aromatherapy oils, or just a nice smelling soap - now :)

For basic lessons in balance observe nature.

Are you prepared to be your own counterbalance?

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