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17 April 2014

26 loves of my life - Let's call him...Oh my Odin. #atozchallenge


AC WARNING - THE CONTENTS OF THIS POST MAY REQUIRE AN ADULT CONTENT WARNING. According to the 'Blogging from the A to Z challenge' guidelines, 

The only clues I have as to why are because:

a) It was incredibly difficult for me to tell the story the way I wanted to tell it.
b) No adult ever discussed this with me when I was young. 

The Big 'O' - don't say I didn't warn you 

Here's a wee bit of smut for you.

It was quite accidental. At least I wasn't expecting it.

Odin (a teenage boy not the Norse God) touched me. I was fully dressed but something oscillated  deep inside. I may have gasped, but kept a straight face. I needed to get home. I didn't tell him why. I've rarely told anyone. After dinner, no arguments, I went straight to bed. I touched the same spot and to my wonder it happened again.

*The next lines are just science so I'm assuming they're AC safe*

I've since learned that women are the only living beings that have an organ designed purely for pleasure.

Only women.

Pure. Pleasure.

It's only recently been thoroughly researched and it's much bigger than I ever imagined. It deserves a lot more attention.

*Don't click the play button if you think you might be offended by a lesson in female anatomy - but it's fascinating, and only good can come out of it*

Betty Dodson educates us on the most underestimated female organ...

Since that day with Odin, I done some research of my own. It's important to experiment, communicate and teach if you're after satisfaction. Full stimulation releases specific hormones that improve emotional, physical and mental health... and Oh my Odin it feels good.

*If you averted your eyes back there - Your pretty safe from here*

There is a big difference between sacred and secret. In some parts of the world Aunties and Uncles are given the role of educating youth about the pleasures of being an adult. Sounds better than a random teenage boy and a neighbours hidden videos to me.

Apart from centuries of repression, why do you think the female anatomy has been a long and well kept secret?

Smut really is the wrong word. Women have an organ designed purely for pleasure. Is it any wonder that I have never met a woman that wished she was anything else. There is nothing smutty about that. Right?


It might feel like little butterflies or a powerful tremor - but have you ever felt a shift in your body when you've looked at, thought about or touched someone you're attracted to for the first time?

Do you feel uncomfortable talking or writing about intimacy?


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  1. Replies
    1. haha Shelly I have no idea what to make of your hmmm :)

  2. I think I'm easier at writing about intimacy. As to talking, it depends on the person I'm with. Some? No problem. Others? Not a chance in hell.

    1. I have discovered that I am the exact opposite... I find talking much easier.

  3. I some times feel uncomfy writing about intimacy and sharing publicly . Can talk only with close knit group but ya quite an expressive and intense post

    1. It's the sharing publicly that is making me want to put tomorrows post up a little early. Intense is a good word, but expressive? - I haven't even used the two words I'm talking about most - I wish I could be more expressive and comfortable with it. Thanks Aditi, I hope it wasn't too intense.

  4. Well Ida, this post has been handled in a very subtle manner. I am not uncomfortable now but still don't find the right words to express this kind of intimacy.

    1. Thanks Aditi that was just the sort of positive feedback my conscience needed. Finding the right words is our biggest challenge and greatest joy in this game. Right?

  5. I find it much easier to write about intimate things than talk about them face to face with others - must be my upbringing kicking in when I'm in conversation, but I am much less inhibited on 'paper'. Great post :)
    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles - A to Z Ghosts
    Fantasy Boys XXX - A to Z Drabblerotic

    1. Hi Sophie, it's because of your inhibitions that I found the courage to do develop this post. I am so please to hear you enjoyed it. As much as I was nervous about offending, I was also nervous about you thinking I was to tame. ;)

  6. Hi Ida .. this brings Female Genital Mutilation 'home' much than I'd realised .. I know there's a gland, but to see it drawn out in the video .. is quite incredible ... I'm not so happy discussing the intimacy, but I do find the horror that's imposed on women is rather appalling ... apparently something like 50% of women in Egypt have had FGM .. I think it's that high - I was horrified, let alone Africa ..

    Well that was interesting and as Aditi says - handled very well ... Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, I am so glad you bought the horror of genital mutilation up. I was so close to adding into the post, but felt it was too big an issue to bring into, what is essentially part of a story, about learning to love myself. I pray that women, all over the world will regain control of their own bodies, in my lifetime. Sadly I find it hard to believe with statistics like that in Egypt.

      I am also uncomfortable writing about intimacy, but I figured I was teenager when it happened, and it seems teenagers these days don't have any problems at all discussing intimacy.

      Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot to me.

  7. Hello from the #AZChat ... interesting article...It was a surprise! www.bayessence.com

    1. It came as a bit of surprise to me too - thanks for visiting

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog on O's. I love your subtle, yet profound post!


  9. You are the best! Ida, you handled this topic so sensitively and accurately. I loved reading such a positive attitude towards a pleasure that is certainly one of the best experiences we can have as a woman. It gives me a little tingle :-) Well done.